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Council Tax discount application

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Please enter your postcode in the box below, including the space, ie RH8 0BT, and click the 'Search for address' button and select your address.

Please enter the address for which a discount is being applied

Exemption reason

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Please give the owners name and address. If someone has a lease for six months or longer please give their name and address instead.

Second home leasehold details

Tandridge home details

Additional second home questions

Please count yourself and anyone else who is 18 or over and uses the property as their main home.
In the box below please write the names of anyone who should be disregarded. Please give the number of the reason from the list below, eg, for an 18 year old who is still at school, write 3, (example in box below). 
N.B. if you apply for exemption as a student you should obtain a Council Tax Exemption Certificate from the Bursar of your College and send it to us. Please contact the Council Tax Team on 01883 732932 if you have any queries. We cannot grant exemption until we have this exemption document.
  1. People in Prison
  2. People who are severely mentally impaired
  3. 18 and 19 year olds still at school
  4. School leavers
  5. Members of religious communities
  6. Students and youth trainees
  7. Carers
  8. Non-British relatives of students
  9. Apprentices
  10. Other disregarded people
    • Members of designated international headquarters.
    • Visiting forces and defence organizations.
    • Diplomats.
    • People on Government Youth Training schemes.
    • People who live as patients in a home or hospital.

We may ask for more information.

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As far as I know, the information I have given on this form is true and complete. I agree to tell you at once if any details given on this form change.

Protecting your data
We know how important keeping your personal data secure and safe is. It's very important to us too. We only collect and keep personal information about you so we can provide the services you need, to help us keep details about those services and our contact with you. We will only share your personal data to help us provide services. View our Privacy Notice