Planning Enforcement complaint form

Please use this form if you want to report a breach of planning control;
The type of issue we can investigate could include:
  • Unauthorised building work on privately owned land.
  • Changes of use of privately owned land.
  • Breaches of planning conditions.
  • Untidy private land.
  • Unauthorised or illegal advertisements on private land.
What we cannot investigate for you:
  • Disputes over parking on public roads, adverts on public roads and verges  – these should be reported to Surrey County Council Highways.
  • Parking disputes on private roads. 
  • Boundary or neighbour disputes.
  • Party Wall Act concerns.
  • Breaches of property covenants.
Before we can investigate we will need the following information from you:

Your details

These will not be passed on to third parties without your permission, but without them we will not be able to investigate your complaint.  All mandatory fields must be filled in.


The address or land that you would like us to investigate

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