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Abandoned vehicle

Please either provide location details using the map and additional location information box
or search for an address using street name or postcode.
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Abandoned vehicle

Please note this form is only for abandoned untaxed vehicles. You can check if a vehicle is taxed by visiting Additionally, if you are reporting a non-abandoned vehicle obstructing a footpath, right of way or highway please call 101 to contact the police.

If vehicle is a car, van, bike, truck, other and give model of vehicle if known.

Please provide as much detail as possible. I.e the car has not been moved for a long period of time, the car is damaged or uncleaned, burnt out, number plates or tyres have been removed.

Give as much detail as you can. For example, park name and what's nearby in the park or the nearest road or building. It'll take us longer to sort out if we can't find the problem.

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