Requesting containers for your recycling and rubbish

Please complete this form if:

  • You’ve recently moved to a property and the previous owner did not leave the rubbish bin, or, your bin has been lost or stolen. You can order a rubbish bin and it will be delivered within 21 working days.  

  • You need a new or an additional recycling bin or green food caddy. It will be delivered free of charge and within 21 working days. 

  • You wish to exchange your council rubbish bin. The replacement rubbish bin will not be delivered until April 2020 and you will be charged for exchanging it.  

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Your request

Your request

What type of container are you requesting?

Standard recycling bin (240L)

Small recycling bin (140L)

Green outside food waste caddy

Silver indoor food waste caddy

Recycling sacks

Small rubbish bin (140L)
Two full bin bags can fit inside this bin

Standard rubbish bin (180L)
Three full bin bags can fit inside this bin.

Large rubbish bin (240L)
Four to five full bin bags can fit inside this bin.

Extra large rubbish bin (360L)
Six to eight full bin bags can fit inside this bin.

Containers to be collected

If your silver indoor food waste caddy is no longer usable please dispose of this in your usual household waste