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Local Restriction Support Grant 

Your Contact Details

Business Details

(Will be on your recent 2020/21 Demand, if you do not know it, you need to find your recent bill before we are able to apply grant)

(As registered with HMRC)

(As registered with Companies House * If not a Ltd Company straight to Title of Applicant)

(As registered with Companies House)

Bank Details

(if bank account name differs from the business rate payer’s name, please explain why name is different below)

State Aid Declaration

I confirm that I have read and understood the relevant information and State Aid de minimis regulations available at:

I confirm that I represent the business and that the information provided is accurate for the purpose of the exemption.

I understand that if I claim incorrectly, any relief awarded will be recovered by the Council. 

I can confirm that the business is not covered by the exclusions as covered below:
  • Enterprises in road haulage operations for the acquisition of road freight transport vehicles. 
  • Enterprises in the agriculture sector (with the exception of those active in processing and marketing of agricultural products).
  • Enterprises active in the coal sector, undertakings in difficulty, or for directly export-related activities. 
  • The same costs that are being supported under another block exemption or notified scheme. It is unlawful to provide de minimis for costs being funded under the State Aid cover of an exemption or notified scheme if it means the specific allowable aid intensity will be exceeded. 
  • For the setting up of distribution networks or export and the business is not in difficulty as defined by ‘This is defined’ in section 2.1 of the Community Guidelines and State Aid for Rescuing and Restructuring Firms in Difficulty (2004/C22/02). 

State aid de minimis exemption

Has the business, or any holding or subsidiary companies, received state aid during the previous three fiscal years not exceeding 200,000 euros (this being the current fiscal year and the previous two fiscal years)?