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The Tandridge Together Community Fund - Application Form 2021

Applications for the 2021/2022 allocation of small grants from the Tandridge Together Community Fund are now open. Applications are welcomed from community and voluntary organisations which support the health and wellbeing of residents within Tandridge.

1. Organisations must demonstrate that their activities meet one or more of the following objectives:

The provision of support or services that:

a. support people to be able to live independently for as long as possible.
b. support people to improve their emotional and physical health.
c. target services at under-represented and / or hard to reach groups.
d. effectively safeguard people from abuse, neglect or poor treatment.
e. reduce social isolation.
f. help reduce reliance on alternative, higher cost state interventions.
g. support and enable carers to carry on caring for as long as possible.

2. The Council will exclude any applications that link to:

a. rent / lease costs.
b. building maintenance.
c. vehicle maintenance / running costs.

3. Organisations must be able to demonstrate the impact their project will have in terms of number of people to benefit and the outcomes that will be achieved.

4. Organisations, must demonstrate:

a. a genuine need for financial assistance.
b. that they are financially sustainable.
c. that they are fully constituted, with an equalities statement, health and safety policy and public liability insurance and bank account with two signatories.

5. The Council must not be the sole contributor towards the activity in question (i.e. funding should also be forthcoming from the organisation itself and/or other sources).

6. National charities and organisations must demonstrate that the grant will be used to support the Health & Wellbeing of residents living in Tandridge.

Deadline for return of application form:

Please return your application forms by midnight on 30 November 2021. Any applications received after this date will not be considered.

Section 1
Contact Details

Section 2
About your organisation

Section 3
Financial information

8. Provide details of your organisation's bank details (please note funding awards will be made by BACS to the account shown below)

Section 4
Funding information

Page 6

17. Please give a breakdown of the estimated costs of the project for which you are seeking funding

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Thank you for completing the form. Please attach a copy of the following documents:

  • Organisation’s constitution 
  • Equalities statement 
  • Health & Safety policy 
  • Public Liability Insurance certificate 
  • Latest bank accounts, where appropriate